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Bert Fenber does not fulfill the usual expectations and clichés of a singer-songwriter. He is not one of the many young musicians who come and often leave. With a PhD in American Studies, studies at the University of Münster and 20 years as a journalist for major German media, he is rather an exception.

He was born in the decade of the baby boomers in Darmstadt and has already led a life. Because of his father's job, Bert Fenber, aka Bernd Rasche as his real name, had to move from town to town quite often when he was younger. He spent a year at an American high school in a small town in southern Michigan. It was during this time that the seed of music and song writing was finally planted in his life. His guitar was part of the journey and he joined a local African American rock band in which he was the only white musician. Before his year in America was over, he received an award from a performance at a German religious song festival. He was offered to be one of the performers on a record.

Several trips and a research stay to and in America in the 80s and late 90s - New York, Pennsylvania, California and Florida - made him breathe in American pop and rock culture again. Attending live concerts by Joe Jackson in Philadelphia and by Paul Simon in South Bend inspired him greatly. Listening to a hit radio station on California State Route 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles reaffirmed his passion for pop rock. During his year-long relationship with a French woman, he lived in Paris and in Germany. It was this experience that led him to absorb the Parisian flair and learn the French language.

The sound of his songs has a Euro-American touch. Bert Fenber's music shows clear structures and is based on classical instruments like guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. His strong voice is an essential part of the melody lines. The lyrics of his songs are about love, society and hope.

Late, during his normal working life, he went to a friend's studio in the German university town of Münster and started recording his songs professionally. The good feedback from his network all over the world confirmed him. "High Time," one of his critical songs, is a protest song against the situation in the world - poverty, climate change and politics. "Coffeebar," "Rebel of Love" and "Sounds of Berlin" - the latter commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall - are among the songs. For each song he gathers some musicians to work on and record his music. Anyone who likes pop rock based on strong emotions and life experience will feel at home with his sound. Bert Fenber's songs work for every generation and have a catchy melody. Bert Fenber is supported by the agencies Newcomer Music Management and Toptalentpromotion (England). His songs can be heard in the popular streaming portals and in You Tube. "Bright Eyes" is his latest song "No Return" again a protest song against climate change. Bert Fenber writes songs with all his emotions.

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